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Walkin', Talkin' and Stalkin'
Hey, so remember when i said Sonic was goign to be the last one? Yeah, that was good times wasn't it? I guess I'm now a liar, I shall claim my life this day! just let me do the Chaotix first...

In all seriousness, I have for you fine folks today, and rather early today I'll add, Amy Rose, looking particularly adorable.  For this design I wanted to channel some of her classic, Sonic CD design, particularly in her quills.  Her outfit as a whole is supposed to reflect something a little more noble, and maybe a touch more modest, this is to illustrate the new direction my Amy would be going in.

My new background for Amy would be in the household of nobles, more specifically Vanilla's home.  Not sure where her parents are, dead or something.  This allows us to set up some of her relationships, such as her sisterly role to Cream, but also some things with her personality.

My Amy is a touch more timid than what we're used to.  She's quiet, keeps to herself, probably won't notice her when you walk into a room.  We can now add a duality into her character, by giving her a sort of sense of self-entitlement, being raised a noble, she's used to getting what she wants when she wants it, couple that with a fiery temper and loads of ambition, and what we get is a rather possessive and obsessive personality, hidden behind a hidden, polite demeanor.  This would come out full force when she finally met Sonic.  She's lived in security all her life, he's constantly on an adventure, living free and unrestricted, she's been taught to be quiet, mild mannered and well behaved, he never really gives it much thought.  He's different, and therefore interesting.  It's less about her simply being a fangirl, and more about her wanting something else out of life, something he personifies, freedom.  This is why she's so infatuated with him.

And jsut a little thing design wise, I chose to make her a little stockier, to emphasize her immense strength.  It was also an opportunity to play with the Sonic body type a little.  Truthfully I think it makes her look kind of adorable.

I actually drew this the same night I drew Sonic, I've evidently become a little obsessed with this whole thing.  Figure I'll keep it up until I run out of steam or something.  I'm having fun if nothing else.

In any case, until next time, g'day!
Gotta' Go Fast!
Holy! Two in one day! Good day I guess Sonic Shrug Emote .

So, here's the blue man himself, Sonic! And... he really hasn't changed much has he?  Let's talk about that!

So I'll admit, I had a really hard time with this.  Not drawing it as much as just coming up with something.  Because the thing is, Sonic's design is practically perfect.  Really, His colour balance, his shape, everything about the design simply works, so what exactly do you change, what do you keep the same? It's a tricky tight to rope.  But I did manage to come up with something.

Firstly I took a note from Sonic Boom's redesign and messed up with quills a little, I think it works for the character, makes him look adventurous, like the hobo hero I'm certain Sonic is!  I also shortened the quills and made them a little straighter, which I think makes him look faster.  I added these... techno wrist/anklets.  Not really sure what they are... but I thought they looked neat.  I thought about adding a scarf, but I figured, everyone who tries to redesign Sonic does that, and I find it unnecessary.  I can't imagine the character waring anything so restrictive.

Beyond that, I really didn't change much.  I also didn't really think of anything new personality wise.  Sonic's personality, when you start digging, is shockingly nuanced.  When you start messing with it you kind of mess with, again, that perfect balance the character has going on, I'm looking at you every game from Colours onward.  

Anyway, this might be the last of these I do... unless it ends up totally not being that, I don't know.  

But I digress, this one was a lot of fun to draw, I hope you guys enjoy, and farewell!
Oh No!
So apparently this is what I do now, redesigns of Sonic characters.  Also, this clearly no longer has anything to do with Sonic boom.  Uh... fan continuity? Fan continuity.

Alright so here he comes, rougher than the rest of them ,the best of them, tougher than leather (Or so I've been told...).  Yeah so I decided to take a crack at Knuckles, at first I was just going to stop at Blaze, but I'm kind of addicted now.

So with Blaze I wanted to take the spirit of the character, but present it in a different way, taking the philosophies of her character, and marrying them to a different execution.  With Knuckles I did something similar, but a little different.  I wanted to highlight not only Knuckles tribal ancestry, but also the fact that he lived the majority of his life alone in the jungle.  This Knuckles is more feral and animalistic than the beloved guardian of the master emerald we all know.  I put bands, or maybe paint or something, on his muzzle and quills, to give him a sort of tribal look, probably imitating the echidna statues found on angel island.  Speaking of, I also made his quills a little bit messy, to emphasize that feral nature.  I also gave him a spear which he'd presumably use for hunting.  Considering how strong Knuckles is, him throwing a spear at you would probably tear you in half.  

You probably also noticed his knuckles, which I made to look a little more claw like than usual.  I also gave him a necklace which i intentionally made look similar to Tikal's from Sonic Adventure, a little call back to his Mayan roots.  

Finally, I wanted to approach his personality a little different, same as Blaze.  No master emerald, which can serve to sort of free him from that, super serious, no nonsense thing he had going on in the Adventure games, and I wanted to channel a little Sonic 3 into this.  He's got a little smirk going on, like he's being a prick, presumably to Sonic, and loving every second of it.  I see him as a sort of a myth, "The Guardian of the Floating Island" or something like that, an urban legend of sorts, like people think he's a phantom or something.  When Sonic and co finally do meet him, he probably doesn't know much english, if any, and more just wants intruders off his island.

In any case, this one was fun to draw, lots of little details, hell, even got the boom sports tape in on the mix.  I've pretty much been doing these for myself, but are you guys enjoying this? should I continue? Anyway, I wish you guys well.
Fire Cat of the Seven Seas!
So if you remember to the variable eons ago that was yesterday, you'll recall I made a Sonic Boom redesign for Silver... well I've struck again! This time it's Blaze the Cat! And she's looking a little more... pirate-y than usual.  

Since the Chaos emeralds don't seems to exist in the Boom Universe, it's safe to say that neither would the Sol Emeralds, so I decided to approach the character a little differently in this design.  I've kind of re-imagined her as a sort of anti-pirate, defending small villages against marauders and the like.  The reason I chose to give her this sort of sailor vibe was because in Rush Adventure, the Sol dimension's earth was mostly water, with a lot of small islands which you have to get to via boat.  I wanted to tie into that with this new direction for the character.  

This also gives opportunity for a new direction for her personality, though still the strict, no nonsense kind of character with a strong sense of responsibility, being a sailor she can looses her up a bit.  This Blaze is a little more crass, and direct, a little less kept, no longer being a queen.  It's a version of the character based in the same basic ideas, but executing them differently.  Captain instead of queen.  Protecting the inhabitants of various islands, as opposed to emeralds.  Etc.

But this is my take on a Sonic Boom Blaze, any thoughts?

Update 1: Ah yes, more shading goodness! Did this a while ago actually, just never bothered updating this.  Anyway, we have shadows, we have makuta... I know at least one person will get that reference.
So, the big 25th anniversary for Sonic has come and gone, and with it we have 2 new games announced, Project Sonic 2017, and Sonic Mania.  I've been a Sonic fan for a very long time, I've seen the series is basically every light imaginable, and I can say that these two games, though are familiar, are also very new, and I can say with a certainty that this looks like it will be interesting.  So here's a quick little analysis of both the games.

okay so Sonic Mania... is everything Sonic 4 should have been, nothing to add to that.  Now Then, the other one.

Firstly, where the hell did this tone come from?! Not quite shadow the Hedgehog, as a matter of fact I'm getting a very Adventure 1 vibe from this. Think back to the opening of the game where we see Chaos wrecking Station Square. This is the first time since Unleashed where it actually feels like there are real stakes, not the side quests of Generations and Colours, where Eggman was doing bad things, but we didn't get to see the impact it would have, so it didn't really register. This also gives me hope we'll get a story with at least half a brain cell of thought put into it. There's no gameplay to speak of, though based on how Sonic was moving, I'm guessing a return of the boost formula, not my thing, but hey, at least we know they can do that half way decently. Though if it were up to me I'd go with Adventure style gameplay because say what you will about those games, they controlled better than any game since. Now then, for the elephant in the room, hello classic Sonic, aren't you a pest who just won't go away. I don't hate classic Sonic, Sonic Mania has me hyped beyond belief, but this is a modern Sonic game, I don't want him here, we've had Generations, and I know this isn't a sequel, so he has no reason to be here. I also hope that his inclusion does not mean we won't have other playable characters, even if we just have like... Shadow as a re-skin of Sonic like he was in SA2, I'm okay with that, just something other than yet another game where the rest of this series very interesting and diverse cast of characters are relegated to simply being there for glorified cameos. I'll admit... I'm not jumping out of my skin like I thought I'd be, I mean if I had saw this when I was fifteen, probably yeah... I suppose that's a good thing since it suggests I've developed my critical thinking ability to not simply be sucked into the hype. But to be honest, I think this trailer tells me one thing, despite my apprehensions, Sonic is cool again, finally. Welcome back old friend.
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